Checklist for Parents

Thank you for your interest in Tender Cubs Pre-School and Day Nursery.

This questionnaire is to assist you in questions you might want to ask when visiting Tender Cubs Pre-School and Day Nursery for the first time.

In case you need to get a hold of the school's management office, please ask for the school's daytime telephone number, which is different from the enquiry line advertised. If making a phone call prior to visiting, please make sure to ask for the right time to visit.


You may want to enquire about...

  • What methods of learning the school adopts
  • Any written literature available on the setting
  • The opening times and the school calendar
  • Whether there is a waiting list
  • The Free Education Funding and fees if applicable
  • The registration fees and uniforms

Education and Training

You may want to get some information about...

  • Our educational concept of learning through play
  • The staff ratio
  • The staff qualification
  • The age group of the room your child will be placed in
  • A typical day's planning
  • The school's behavioural management policy

Health and nutrition

You may want to more know about...

  • The types of food and snacks being served
  • The outdoor play areas

Opportunities for participation of parents

You may want to find out about...

  • Parent's week
  • General ways we partner with parents